WOW! The Hillywood Show, a viral youtube film group, has recently agreed to allow Wallawallabingbang Movies Inc to INTERVIEW THEM! Here are their responses to our questions.

1) What do you plan to do throughout the rest of your careers?
 "Our goal is to have The Hillywood Show on a television network."

2) How do you choose the cast for your videos? 

"We usually just search through our friends first and then turn to other places for actors."

3) What are some challenges you face throughout the process of creating a video and how do you work through them?"Every project has different challenges of its own.  We just need to keep looking forward when problems arise."

5) How did you learn the skills you have today, such as extraordinary makeup, costuming design, and film editing?
"We taught ourselves and continue to do so.  We, unfortunately, did not have the funds to go to film school, makeup school, etc.  So we just began experimenting ourselves."

6) What camera do you use and what editing system?
"We shoot with a Canon 7D and edit with Final Cut Pro."

7) How has uploading videos to YouTube changed or influenced your life?
 "We receive so many fan messages informing us about how much the show brings them happiness when they are down.  It's been a wild ride and such an immense blessing to hear things like that!"

8) What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment in film making?
"Simply learning the basics everyday...we are still learning!  Learning never stops for us."

9) How would you suggest getting aspiring film makers' work out there?
  "Post their work on YouTube and enter video contests."

Great news! We recently uploaded our original Pintus trailer, based on the novel found here:, and reconstructed our previous Catching Fire trailer with updated music and new scenes. Check it all out at
Also, we recently hit 30,000 total video views on our channel - an accomplishment that brings joy to our hearts! We know it isn't much, but it is a good solid start and we would like to thank everyone who has ever watched one of our videos.
Also, we would like to give a quick shoutout to THE HILLYWOOD SHOW, our favorite youtube channel that posts a-mazing videos! Look them up or visit their website at
-Wallawallabingbang Movies Inc. Team
    As many of you already may have noticed, we have recently finished and posted one of our biggest project yet: Our first parody, Harry Potter Style. 
   This may not sound like too big of a leap for Wallawallabingbang Movies Inc, but there's more to the story: We have attempted to audition the movie into our school's talent show.
    This means several things.

1) If we make it, this will be the first video ever presented in our school's talent show.
2) It will publicize our videos wildly.
3) If it makes it in, we will have an opportunity for it to be entered into Shooting Stars. 

                             Thank you so much and God bless!

                                                                               -Wallawallabingbang Crew
Hello ALL! SO we have SURPRISE VIDEO coming out on Thursday 1-24-13!!! It involves Gangnam Style, a bald cap, and some glasses. So you should try to guess what it is in the comments. If you guess it correctly we will give you a shout out on OUR channel, so USE YOUU REAL NAME!!!!
Wallawallabingbang can do more than just movies.
 This album will be focusing on ANNA S, the composer and singer of her #1 song,
"Anna and I Know It." Other awesome songs you might hear in this album include, "Getting Married," "Katniss Braid," and in the Delux Version, "Hate the Way You Lie." 

                We have created a Girl Band called Essence, but which is "completely unrelated to Wallawallabingbang Movies Inc." All the same, I thought you guys might be interested to know, so here's the logo.
Getting ready for Effie! Catching Fire




Friends! And bunny!!! ( Rabi the rabbit)
Bad pic but Anna <3s Rabbi the rabbit! Poor bunny!
Having an awesome day with the film group!